Finally, software for broadband professionals is here.

Our Fast Broadband Data Tool, developed by Global BrandStrategy™ and the Broadband BrandScience™ team, automates the process of downloading internet service provider data from the FCC’s website, joining it to your fabric data and displaying it on a map. No more manually processing the information or paying expensive GIS professionals. 

GIS for Broadband

No GIS Experience required

Simply upload your Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric dataset and let our software identify all Served, Underserved, and Unserved locations including technology type and provider name.

Blazing Fast

Our software completes the data processing in seconds, not days, giving you and your team more time to focus on what matters - like serving your community.

Current data? always.

FCC availability data is updated every two weeks. You can have piece of mind knowing every time you run the Fast Broadband Data Tool, your data is utilizing the most up to date broadband availability information.

Packed with additional features

Your subscription comes loaded with multiple Census layers tailored to broadband applications, speed test data, federally funded areas and more.

Mapping at scale

Whether you are a small city or a state broadband office looking to provide a mapping resource to your many towns, cities and counties across the state, our tool can scale to meet the needs of any entity.

Add, Download & share

Perform your data review directly in the app and upload additional data or quickly download your processed data and export the information to your GIS team for further advanced analysis.


Unite Fabric and Broadband Availability data in a single app. 
Try the Fast Broadband Data Tool today. There’s nothing to install.

What Tier do I need?

Select your county to determine what tier you need.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

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