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Using local data with on-the-ground verification we identify:

  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Boundaries where ILEC’s and CLEC’s are actively installing fiber infrastructure
  • Use FCC Form 477 data to understand provider footprints
  • Incorporated Areas where 25/3 and 100/20 broadband speeds exist 
  • Federal Funding (CAF II & RDOF Funded Areas)
  • Leverage publicly available Microsoft Broadband Usage statistics
  • Validate with measured WA State Broadband Speed Test Results and Ookla® Speedtest® results at the census block level

Methodology identifies unserved markets where state and federal funds will solve the rural broadband issue.

Explore the Interactive Map

Click the arrow icon on the top left of the map to show the list of layers. Check the box to reveal the layer attribute. Zoom in to see more granular data such as ookla and provider data

Then, click the map to show the pop-up of the associated attribute

Use the search bar on the top right to search for a specific address or place

Real Estate | Demo map

Whatcom County Real Estate & Broadband Availability

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